When will Iran, Russia and other nations invade Israel?

How can we win the battle with pornography?

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The Testimony of Franklin Pillsbury

Franklin Pillsbury is a gifted businessman who has been a friend and partner in our ministry for close to thirty years.  Today Franklin is facing the challenge of a cancer diagnosis and an upcoming surgery.  He is approaching this with faith, hope and an eternal perspective.   Please keep Franklin and his lovely wife, Denise in your prayers.  UPDATE:  Reports following surgery indicate the cancer was contained and the prognosis is good.  Thanks for praying!


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Program aired April 20, 2016 (orginally aired January 21, 2016.) and includes the testimonies of various women who have experienced forgiveness and healing following an abortion.

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Ethan Pope – Author of the Book, PREPARE

Ethan Pope sees an economic storm on the horizon.   If economic realities continue as they are it is only a matter of time.   In his book PREPARE, he offers a straightforward analysis and practical, biblical suggestions on how to respond.

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Testimony of Forgiveness

Like Debbie you too can find hope and healing as you live out the Word of God. Pick up John Nieder’s new book, Forgive and Love Again. Yours free with a gift of $25 or more to the ministry. Click here to make a donation.